The New Testament

Alright, so we here at MyGournal have just received a single off of one of the most hyped up CD’s since “the Joshua Tree”, by U2. It is called “the New Testament” and its by our old friend Jesus Christ, otherwise known as Ol’ Holy Bastard (OHB). He sounds really excited about it, he told us it’s his best work since his first album, “Back from the Dead”. His first single is called “Water to Wine”, and we must admit, it sounds amazing. Here’s just a little taste of whats to come from the son of God’s newest album.

O.H.B. ft. Gin n’ Cotton (Eli Whitney) – Water to Wine

Yo, we got DJ Bonez (Napoleon Bonaparte) up in here, drop a beat…


Water to wine,

You know the ladies love it,

I’m jus’ tryin’ to get mine,

I’ll giv’em somethin they can covet

They call it the Arc of the Covenant,

It be their Holy Grail,

Suckin’ down my juice,

Like I’m servin’ straight from my ladle.

Chorus: Cotton n’ Gin

Yo Jesus,

I see you up in them guts,

Tryin’ to please us,

And give these bitches somethin’ to suck

Yo’ wine

I wanna roll in tha hay with you,

Maybe my manger.

Get over here bitch,

And don’t be a stranger

You better get ready ho,

It’s about to get crazy.

My wine all over your mouth,

Like Roadhouse with Swayze


Yea Jesus,

I know your wine be so good,

Not personally though,

Cuz I know you don’t fuck dudes.


Jesus: Yea, you know me, walkin’ on water, makin’ all the bitches get wet. DJ Bonez, Gin n’ Cotton, Eli Motherfuckin Whitney, and tha OHB, Ol’ Holy Bastard. Doin’ my time in 09, you know, suck on my wine, bitch.


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