Dear Diary, with Tyler Hansbrough

Let’s just say, a private eye colleague of ours has stumbled across quite a gem. It seems as though he has found Tyler Hansbrough’s Diary. We’ve picked out a few select entries that will change the way you view this college basketball god. He might be a hard-ass on the court, but once you get a peak into his private life, your view will quickly change. So without further ado, we present the first in a series of Dear Diary, with Tyler Hansbrough.

Entry 1 entitled “Pubes”

Man, getting older is so weird. I’ve always liked being the biggest in class, but now I’m not so sure. Michael Warren made fun of me today in class. He said I have “Pubes on my face”. It’s just my new mustache I’m trying to grow. It sure is difficult being 16 and in 6th grade, you know what I mean, Diary? I mean, there’s basketball, social studies, pre-algebra, jeez, I’m smart but that’s a lot of stuff to handle. Mrs. Abernathy called on me today, and my voice cracked when I answered, everyone started to laugh at me. I wanted to cry, I hate getting laughed at. It just makes me so angry. Stupid Michael Warren, someday I’m going to punch him in the gut. 

Also, I’m thinking about asking Betty Welch to the Spring Fling dance this year. I hope she says yes, I think about putting my hands on her waist all the time, hehe. Maybe we will even get to do some fast dancing if they play some cool music like Papa Roach. Everybody knows I’m the best dancer in school. Nobody does a better worm than me. 

Anyways, I gotta go diary, time for practice. 




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