Dear Diary, with Tyler Hansbrough. Entry 2

Entry 2 entitled, “Feelings”

Hey again Diary,
My life is kinda whacky right now. I mean, I play basketball all day, I come home and watch basketball with my dad and brother, then I brush my hair and go to bed. It’s not easy. Sometimes, I EVEN HAVE TO STUDY. But not a lot when you’re as smart as me.
I have a big secret Diary. I don’t know if I should tell someone or not, but I’m going to explode if I don’t. I had a weird feeling today, not the kind when you need to use the bathroom either. It’s the kind I get when I think about putting my hands on Betty Welch’s waist. The kind that dad gets when he sees mom taking a pot roast out of the oven. The kind of feeling that I shouldn’t have gotten when I did. I was in the boys locker room, and I saw some 7th graders naked. I felt so funny inside, it was like I ate butterflies in my salisbury steak or something, then they got in my tummy, got all the gravy off and were trying to fly out of me.
What to do Diary? What to do?

Hopefully God will provide me with answers,

Your bff till the end,


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