Tebow Tips!

Hey everyone, Tim Tebow here! Whoa its been a long time, but you know EXAMS. I had to do my best, my dad said if I get straight A’s this year, we’re gonna go on a mission trip in the Caribbean! AWESOME. So y’all pray for me as hard as you can! (JK I know God’s got more pressing needs then helping out someone as blessed as me) So this leads me to some things you guys need to do for the summer, because I sincerely want you to have the best summer you can.
1. Go outside! You guys know that the summer is great for going out and having a good time, but BE SAFE. Sports are fun, swimming, hanging out, or whatever. Don’t forget your sunscreen though! LOL, I say that cuz i got sunburnt by the pool the other day 😦

2. Build stuff! Last summer, me and dad spent the whole summer building and fixin’ up houses for the less fortunate. AND IT FELT GOOD. Do something that feels good, like building a house, even if its for a bird!

3. Get wet! It gets hot y’all, and 2 a days just wouldn’t be fun if we didn’t have pool time after. There’s nothing more fun then getting in the pool or the ocean on a hot day….except maybe throwin’ a fade route for a TD to my man Percy!LOL

4. Get in shape! No one likes seen a flabby ol’ beach body. So tighten up your abs, eat some lettuce. Get on a good diet and the most important thing is, you will feel good about yourself! Trust me, I like what I see when I go to the beach!

5. Stay focused! If you’re focused on having a good time, having fun, you will. I am focused on one thing, bringing back the national championship to Florida. COUNT ON IT.

Y’all stay safe out there, have a great summer. God bless!

p.s. Congrats to Percy on getting drafted by the Vikings! Keep him in your prayers, he was feelin’ awfully sick the other day.

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