Tebow Tips! Volume 2

Hey guys,
It’s Tim here. Sorry I’ve been away for so long. I’ve been working out extra hard this summer to get ready for next year and helping people has been the last thing on my mind (JUST KIDDING, y’all know me) But anyways, I’m gonna give you guys some food tips to make your lives healthier and better, and might I add that they taste pretty dang good (but not as good as mom’s food). If you want to be a winner like me, then you should eat these foods.

Tim’s Favorite Foods!
-What you should eat to be like me-

1. Banana Splits – If you want to know one thing about me, it’s two words ICE CREAM. I like ice cream, no wait, I love ice cream. I eat ice cream for breakfast some days, and by some days I mean everyday. I’m lactose tolerant, I can eat an infinite amount. I love bananas and chocolate too, so this is a dream combination. Plus, milk and bananas are healthy, so you can’t go wrong with that.

2. Green beans – When I was a kid, I used to get called “green bean” by the 9th graders who lived down the street. One day I was wearing a green shirt and my favorite green shorts, and might I add that I was already 5’8″ when I was 12, so needless to say, they started calling me green bean. I didn’t get the joke at first, but thats because I had never eaten them before. Now that I tried them, I cant stop eating them. But don’t call me “green bean” anymore HAHA!

3. Ice cream sandwiches – Well I love sandwiches, but what’s better than ham and turkey in a sandwich? Ice cream. Don’t even get me started again.

4. Chicken pot pie – People always ask me, “what do you eat before games?” and my answer has always been one personal sized chicken pot pie, 15 minutes before gametime. It makes me feel warm inside, and it gets my blood flowing. Nothing is better than listening to some good christian rock, like Jars of Clay, and eating chicken pot pie before a game, thats how winners are made.

5. Salad – Just kidding, ice cream sunday is what I really meant to put. If there was an ice cream championship, I would do anything to win it. If I could have another nickname besides “green bean” and “l8r gator”, it would be Ice cream MVP. If you know my aim screen name you know that I just changed it to ICMVP2009, so if I’m not your friend, you can send me an IM about ice cream or something.


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