From Strasburger to Strasburg

I’m sure you have heard about the #1 pick in the MLB Draft, Stephen Strasburg, and the incredible potential that he has. He throws his fastball between 98 and 100 MPH consistently and had 195 strikeouts in 109 innings of work.

How did some overweight high school kid turn into one of the most dominant college pitchers ever? You only need to know two words, Tony Gwynn. He is the head coach of San Diego State and he has coaching abilities that rival the abilities of all the best coaches from every sport in history combined.

Strasburg was good in high school and recruited by some quality baseball schools. He wasn’t a big time major league prospect and he knew he had to improve in college. Growing up in San Diego, Strasburg made the easy choice, and decided to play for his idol, Tony Gwynn.

The dream started to come true for Strasburg as soon as he shook the hand of Gwynn. He has a magical touch, and Strasburg immediately decided to dedicate himself and get into shape. Strasburg lost weight quickly and learned the ancient art of baseball from the Buddha-like Gwynn.

Gwynn was a career .338 hitter in the majors and he hit an incredible .394 in 1994. He was the league leader in batting average 8 times over his career. Gwynn was a hitting master, and none of his contemporaries could match his incredible abilities. Gwynn was a part of the steroid-era, but it is well-known that Gwynn wasn’t on the juice. Teammates have said Gwynn would eat a cheeseburger, take batting practice for an hour, and then eat a whole large pizza afterwards. Gwynn was a little chubby towards the end of his career, but that didn’t stop him from .372 with 119 RBIs as a 37 year-old.

Gwynn was a right-fielder and a hitter, not a pitcher of course. How was he able to help Strasburg, a pitcher? It is because he understands the game of baseball better than any baseball man. Listening to Tony Gwynn speak is only comparable to hearing the words of Jesus Christ himself. He is baseball’s chosen one, the one who will spread the word of this baseball. His first miracle to the baseball world is Stephen Strasburg, after his son (who is ironically named Tony Gwynn) of course.

Strasburg is simply a creation of the greatness of Gwynn, and you can expect many more baseball greats to come through San Diego State.

Don’t be surprised to see him managing a major league team soon. Any team that passes on Gwynn would be foolish. Only Don Mattingly has close to the managerial potential as Gwynn. Just look at what he’s done with the Dodger’s lineup.

If Strasburg is going to be the greatest pitcher in baseball history, he will owe it all to Tony Gwynn and his superior baseball knowledge.

-by patricknonymous


2 responses to “From Strasburger to Strasburg

  1. Lol, I love Tony Gwynn.

  2. This blog has suddenly become not funny. We need Tim back. Hopefully he recovers from taking out Leaf soon.

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