World Cup Preview – Group C

France is the clear favorite in Group C but that hasn’t stopped them from underperforming before. It would be an upset if they aren’t able to top the group that contains Australia, Denmark and Peru. Denmark has some quality in it as well with Christian Eriksen leading the Danes. This is France’s group to lose but they have been very good at losing in recent World Cups.


The Soceroos are not expected to go far in the tournament. Aaron Mooy from Huddersfield will be the lead playmaker on a team that will need everyone to be at their absolute best to make it through the group. Their long-time coach, Ange Postecoglu, resigned after they qualified, who was well liked by the team. That leaves the team a bit rudderless with new manager Bert van Marwijk. They will have to learn his style quickly and squeeze out some results to get through. I still pick them to finish fourth in this group.



The Danes are led by world class midfielder Christian Eriksen. He can change any game in an instant and has proven his value with Tottenham. Kasper Schmeichel is a quality goalkeeper who will need to put in some good performances for Denmark to make it to the round of 16. Nikolai Jorgensen is a big striker who will need to pop in some goals with Eriksen creating chances. They have size and strength throughout the team but not much creativity aside from Eriksen. I like Denmark to finish second in group C ahead of Peru. Eriksen will have to inspire this team to get any further than the round of 16 though.


Christian Eriksen


Les Bleus are the easy favorite to get through this group and definitely one of the most talented sides in the world. The issue here is their youth and inability to mesh as a team. Paul Pogba was in poor form to end the season for Manchester United and he will need to be in form for them to make a run at the title. They have a very strong attack with the likes on Antoine Griezmann, Kylian Mbappe, and Ousmane Dembele. N’Golo Kante is a tireless worker in the midfield and the former Premier League player of the year will do the dirty work to allow the guys up top to do what they do best. Their inexperience and the fact that Pogba is often more interested in his social media following can be their downfall. They should place first in this group anyway.


Their captain and leading goal-scorer, Paolo Guerrero, was banned by FIFA for doping. He was found to have actual cocaine with it’s street name also being dope in his system. He appealed and claimed it was accidentally ingested in some tea he drank. An unlikely story, but hey a court in Switzerland said he’s eligible to play so on we go! Guerrero is the key to any success they have along with the funly named Jefferson Farfan. They haven’t been to the World Cup in 36 years so I’m sure they will play with a passion in every game. I just don’t think they are better than Denmark and have them in third in the group.


Players to watch

  1. Christian Eriksen
  2. Kylian Mbappe
  3. Jefferson Farfan
  4. Aaron Mooy
  5. Paul Pogba’s Hair

Group C

  1. France
  2. Denmark
  3. Peru
  4. Australia



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