The title may say “about me”, but isn’t it really about you, the reader? So tell me a little about yourself. No, wait, I’ll tell you about yourself. You’re reading my gournal and thinking, “wow, this gournalist knows his gournalism.” You’d be right too, I know, and thank you. Thank you so much, because what’s really important is that you are left with a satisfied feeling after you read my gournal. Next, you’re probably thinking, “gournalism, does he mean journalism?” No I don’t, look it up in the dictionary. If you can’t find it, buy a new dictionary. If you have the newest edition, I’ll tell you so you can write it in the dictionary. Gournalism is the practice of writing truths and facts. Everything we say is the truth, it is Gour, latin for truth.

As the french say: La vérité (Gournalism) sort de la bouche des enfants

Think about that. Oh wait, you already are.


2 responses to “About

  1. Hey you guys, I just wanted to say thanks for the interview and that this is a terrific site! Keep up the good work!


  2. Hey, Reg! How is Urkel doing?

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