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Voices of a generation

creedI’ve been working on this list in my head for my entire life, but I am finally going to publish it. I hope all of our readers out there go out, download all of these songs and burn them onto a CD, because this playlist is going to blow your mind. Buy a computer if you have to, because there is no single CD that compiles a list of songs quite like this.

I now present to you, Royalty of Rock. Listening to it is like falling in love for the first time. It will bring you straight back to your glory days.

“The Reason” – Hoobastank

I think the only way they could’ve made this song better was if they called it Hoobareason or the Reasonstank, because other than that, it is perfect. It will remind you of all the teenage angst you felt the first time a girl/boy broke up with you, something you don’t ever want to forget.

“My own prison” – Creed

A lot of people say that this song is depressing and stupid, and if that’s true then lock me up and put me in Creed’s prison because I love it. If you don’t understand this song, well then, you just don’t understand faith.

“Photograph” – Nickelback

I’d like to nominate Chad Kroeger as coolest dude ever. This song rocks out, not only that but it makes you want to look at photograph albums a lot too. I spent literally 4 hours going through photographs after I last listened to this song.

“Summer girls” – L.F.O.

New Kids on the Block had a bunch hits…you got that right, and so will L.F.O. if they keep up songs like this. Wherever they are, probably rocking out on the Jersey Shore, they are being 2cool. I’d also like to archive this next lyric for best lyric ever-

“There was a man named Paul Revere, I like the way I feel when you are near”

I like the way it feels when Paul Revere is near me too.

“Rollin'” – Limp Bizkit

Fred Durst knows what hes talkin’ about. This song isn’t literally about rolling down hills like many would think. It’s about being awesome like Fred, and it takes you straight back to chillin’ with your bro’s in middle school and high school.

“Mambo #5” – Lou Bega

Lou Bega is not only one of the great songwriters of our time, but is a master of poetry, novel writing, and mustache growing. Listening to this song is like being back at your junior prom, right before that bitch Tammy Jacobs left with Derek Baker.

“Hanging by a moment” – Lifehouse

It isn’t just about love. This song reminds one that life is all about those little moments, like taping a picture to a wall, cleaning the dirty forks, taking out the trash, things that would seem meaningless, but add up to a lot. Don’t take anything for granted, especially a song that is this good.

“Higher” – Creed

For this song we have a short excerpt from a satisfied customer, Donald Grace, 34 from Albuquerque, New Mexico –

“I was a 17 year old dropout , driving down route 66 on a path to no where. Sally Rodgers just broke my heart and I couldn’t find “The Reason” to live. It all changed when this little lullaby pop onto the FM. Hearing “Higher” by creed really changed my perception on life. I knew there was a higher power out there holding the delicate fabric of life together. Now I’m a 34 year old manager of the Dairy Queen in my home town loving life. Thank You Creed”

“She bangs” – Ricky Martin

If one person knows about banging chicks it’s Ricky Martin. Just ask the other dudes in Menudo how much Ricky likes to bang. He taught a whole generation that banging chicks, whether they like it or not ( and they usually like it) is a good thing.

“My heart will go on” – Celine Dion

This song was about the most popular song in the world when Titanic came out, and it brought more people to tears than Bill Buckner screwing up the World Series for the Red Sox. But in a good way.

“How you remind me” – Nickelback

This is the second time for Nickelback, and arguably the most popular of all their songs. Chad Kroeger has as many hit songs as he does 4 wheelers, but thats not stopping him from buying more 4 wheelers. This song may put you into a slight depression, but whats wrong with being depressed if you don’t kill yourself?

“Fat lip” – Sum 41

Before Sum 41 came out, the only people that shopped at Hot Topic were people that listened to Marilyn Manson and the Cure, but this group came along and changed the fortunes of Hot Topic owner Gregory Topic and the fashions of children for years to come.

“She hates me” – Puddle of Mudd

So you want to be an A-list celebrity, ultra wealthy, and date a super model. Well cure cancer or write an epic song that sums up the voice of a generation. Dont forget to miss spell your name.

“Accidentally in love” – Counting Crows

Everytime a hear “Accidentally in love” a tear comes into my left eye. Not a tear of sadness but of joy. This masterpiece by the Counting Crows paints a picture of grandure. Love and life are not always logical, never has a ballad captured this truth quite like “Accidentally in love”.

“Who let the dogs out” – Baha Men

Without this song, there would be no Under Armour and Mitt Romney would probably be the commander in chief ( YouTube – Mitt Romney – Who Let the Dogs Out? ) God bless the Baha men for bringing the world into the 21st century and truly ending racism forever.