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The State of USA Soccer

Today I watched the USA soccer game versus Brazil. I am appalled by the results and even more by the coaching and performances of some of the players. Bob Bradley is a bad coach. He has no idea what he’s doing out there, and hasn’t learned from any of his mistakes. He’s been starting and giving significant minutes to DeMarcus Beasley for the past year, and Beasley has been horrible. He’s a liability on defense, and he never does anything on offense anymore either. Bradley needs to stop playing favorites and try something new, because I’m getting tired of watching this played-out story. We’re always so close to winning, but almost doesn’t count unless it’s horseshoes and hand grenades. Bradley needs to shape up or he will find himself coaching the Chicago Fire soon. 

We have all the players to succeed, thats why its so angering to watch this team keep getting mediocre results. Adu should be playing all the time, bring back some of the young players and give them a chance because all of Bradley’s and Arenas’ “Old Guard” have never performed and are still failing. It’s time to make the changes, and number one is getting rid of Bob Bradley and getting a real coach.